The Ghost Are Rising

It’s been awhile, I know – I apologize. I’ve been hard at work trying to market my new book, a YA SCI-FI Space Opera called, depending on the day – Threshold or Far From Sanctuary. I like them both and feel they fit the tale I’m trying to weave, but I haven’t decided on the ACTUAL title of the book. If you are an agent and see one of those two titles in your inbox, ASK FOR FULL MANUSCRIPT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and know its me, your favorite person in the whole universe.

I’ll post some stuff of the book on here and do some hyping of the thing in the coming days/weeks. When I’m not doing that, I’ve been busy writing my new book – The Ghost of Camp Blood, a fun horror/slahers. Imagine, if you will, Beatlejuice meets Friday the 13th. I’m having a lot of fun writing it, probably because it gives me the perfect excuse for watching a bunch of bad 80’s horror movie.

“What are you doing? Shouldn’t you be working?” my wife asks as I watch Friday the 13th part 4 for the 100th time.

“I am. This is research,” I say.

I’m not lying either! I’ve watched them so many times recently and even the documentary they made Camp Crystal lake, that’s over 8 hours long! I’m currently living, breathing the Friday series. But my book pays homage to Halloween, Texas Chainsaw, and other horror classics. Again, in the coming days/weeks I’ll post some of it on here to give you guys a taste.

Well with all that being said, I’ll be back!


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