Religious Zealot at the Gates of Hell

This past Saturday I got a chance to participate at Frisco’s Author Fest 2019 with a ton of other great local artist from the area. And it didn’t bold well for this horror author, who sold absolutely zero books.

As much as I disliked have no sales, what really ruined the event, was a religious nut who thought they were holier-than-thou. I’ll keep the name removed from this post, but if they read this, learn to check your prejudices before transforming into a self-righteous prick in public. You didn’t make a fool of me by your tirade, you made a fool of your damn self.

So here’s what happened.

This person came over to my book table and took one look at the cover of my book and instantly got offended, you know the type – the ones who get instantly triggered. They started tapping their foot like a toddler and twisted their face in disgust. This was not my first time as a horror fan to tango with one of these religious assholes.

Before I get into what happened next, remember – art is subjective. You don’t like my book, cool.

Walk away.

You don’t like the theme or content of my book, cool.

Walk away.

You speak with your wallet by not purchasing it and I can respect that. You don’t stand there in a pathetic war stance trying to attack an author because you got issues.

I asked them, “What? Do you want to know what my book is about?”

The cover of my book is satire of the Satanic Bible. It is graphic, for sure, and designed to let the reader know the book holds no punches and is a bit absurd – I mean there is a big purple dick on the cover, along with donuts, beer, and hot-dogs.

“Sure,” the woman said.

“It’s about the redemption of Lucifer. The themes of the book is about the price of forgiveness and the difficulties in trying to turn away from a life of sin. Lucifer helps to help a group of people seeking redemption for their sins. It’s a horror, dark comedy – similar to Evil Dead 2 or something like From Dusk Til Dawn.”

“Redemption of Lucifer?” she repeated. “He can’t be forgiven.”

Now I’m going to paraphrase a little bit here, because I can’t remember every tiny, little word she said – but this is basically how it went.

“But Jesus,” I replied, “said – through me, all is forgiven.”

“Not everyone. You can go to hell for being blasphemous.”

Your one unforgiving bitch, I thought, who clearly doesn’t know the gospel as much as you think you do if you think Jesus lacks the love or compassion to anyone who comes seeking it. But I understand her, and surprisingly enough, explore this very same idea in my novel.

Oh well.

“Why would you write for him?” she asked. “You know my husband is a pastor and he wrote a book, and on ever page is a miracle. Why can’t you do something like that?”

“Be a boring horror novel for starters. And besides, my book is following darker and deeper paths than your husbands work. Besides, we are aiming at two different audiences. Yours are clearly already on the right path, mine – need a bit of redirection. I don’t preach at them or try and force them to follow my religious ideology. This book is entertain first and foremost, horrify, and get people to think.”

She walked away and went to a new by table. There, they praised and bought the authors works, and did these short video recordings for her Facebook page, where she has a few thousand followers. She did this right in front of me, demonstrating beyond reproach just how shallow and vindictive she is.  She told me later she only supports writers, who ideas she agrees with – not knowing (or caring) one person she prompted was a Spiritualist and believed and wrote about witches, demonic presences, and communicating with angels. And her book was a piece of non-fiction!

In the end, religious assholes will never understand horror novels or the powerful messages usually explored in these types of works. The horror genre is the best form of fiction in support of Christian ideologies. This is a theme I will explore later on in my blog, so keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, show this Christian ass how much you love my book by purchasing a copy of THE WRETCHED over at Amazon, and leave a comment.

Thanks for sticking around for this long read.


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