Progressivism, Cancer to Art

I know writing this, I’m going to piss off a lot of my peers in the publishing industry, seeing as so many of them lean left, but this has got to be said while we still have an industry worth saving. And before someone starts calling me far right – I’m more of a conservative liberal.  

The Progressive Left is a cancer to art.

They are about censorship and oppression, smothering out voice after voice in the name of social activism, and it’s pathetic. I will give you a few examples to chew on, but trust me, it tastes like shit and has the texture of broken glass. And should the world of publishing continue on this journey of self-destruction, there will be nothing left. And if you don’t think it can’t happen, look how well wokeness has done for the comic and film industry – both are knocking on death’s door.

When we start putting more of an emphasis on the who rather than the what, we’re doomed. And keep in mind Simon and Schuster, home of juggernauts like Stephen King, was just sold. Wokeness has destroyed things people thought were indestructible like the Star Wars franchise, Ghostbusters, Terminator, and now it’s going to destroy Marvel and Lord of the Rings.

And this plague of progressive activism has now invaded the publishing industry with agents and publishers selecting wokeness over great stories. Not long ago, I saw a publishing house do a ‘black’ only submission month. Not only is this open discrimination against non-black authors, but it paints the proud, black artist as needing special privileges to get their work published. Guess what progressive libs – they don’t need it! The black community is ripe with amazing talent and none of them are oppressed or underrepresented in the world of publishing! There are a ton of great authors like Toni Morrison, James Baldwin, Zora Hurston, Maya Angelou, Octavia Butler, Alice Walker, Malcom X, Langston Hughes, Alex Haley, Shel Silverstein, and so it goes. But we’re supposed to believe, in 2020, black authors need special treatment to break into the publishing world – what a joke.

Now days, agents and publishers are not looking for great stories, but to diversify their portfolios for woke points. Instead of just requesting stories, agents are now demanding that the submitters race, gender, and sexual preference fit certain roles. Publishers and agents are using systematic racial, sexual, and gender profiling now when looking for talent. Don’t believe me, go look at Manuscript Wish List and read some of the agents dreams – its all progressive bullshit.

Putting the who before the what is extremely damaging. When a person walks into a bookstore to spend upwards of 20 dollars on a book, they don’t want to be spoken down to, insulted, or lectured by the writer. If they wanted that they’d turn on the damn news.

Readers want to escape the real world for a while, get transported away from their lives and their problems, not be reminded of them. I was reading the reviews for the new book, READY PLAYER TWO, and it is getting burned by jaded readers – sick of the activism by the author, whose promoting transgenderism.

Progressive Left authors and agents are now telling writers to stay in their own lane. Telling people if you’re a man, don’t create a female character – because that story doesn’t belong to you. Hey asshole, using that kind of mentality, the Harry Potter franchise wouldn’t exist!

Let me show you how stupid this logic is – I went to a writer’s conference, the Dallas Writer’s Conference in 2018, and the author of the UGLIES, Scott Westerfeld, told an audience that it was wrong for people to write outside their lane, because you are stealing someone else’s story. Hey dumb ass, your book is about a 15-year-old girl! You are a hypocrite and a piece of shit, trying to enforce artist to shut up and censor their art.

Progressive Liberals are asses and they are a cancer to art.

If we don’t purge them out of the industry, they will burn it to the ground. The fires already started. It’s time for writers around the world to tell these jerks to shut the fuck up and unleash their creative minds like a tsunami and wash them all away. Next time someone tells you not to write something, write it.  My protagonist in my first novel was gay and in my current book, watch out assholes, I’m writing a strong female. Not a Mary Sue, but you know, a real woman.


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