Cancel Culture and the ‘This You’ Marxist Movement

‘This You?’ The Latest Attack in America’s Cultural Revolution 

Chaos is the new normal in America. Since the killing of George Floyd, America has spiraled out of control as famous landmarks are torn down and cities burn. Streets of famous cities like Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles are swarming with enraged, hate mobs screaming for social justice as they loot stores and kill cops. These are mostly black cops, who are being killed by black men screaming about Black Lives Matter. The great war for America has begun. 

The scariest thing about this war, which threatens to rip the still beating heart out of the United States, is just how much it parallels another dark time in history. Not American history, but Chinese history. In 1966, the great butcher of China, Mao Zedong, started what he dubbed the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). At the beginning, he shut down schools and used his Red Guards to attack all traditional values and publicly criticize party officials. 

The same has started here in the United States, with the anti-American rhetoric being done by a group known as Antifa. Though their name means antifascist, this is a social movement sweeping the nation, where they use their fist to silence opposition and curb stomp traditional American values. One of the latest movements by these extremists is called ‘This You?’ Basically, it’s a movement to publicly shame people for past comments online in much the same way the Red Guards did public officials. 

New York Times writer, Aisha Harris, said this about the latest rendition of the Spanish Inquisition, “Brutally crisp and blatantly rhetorical, the phrase has become a catchall representing the internet currency of receipts, forcing bandwagon participants to confront things they might have said or done that seemingly contradict their newfound commitment to the cause.” 

This latest form of online policing is supposedly there to call out fake activism or what ‘they’ consider performative wokeness; when in reality it’s nothing more than a modern-day witch hunt where the goal is to drag someone to the public square for an old fashion burning. This extremism was seen in China as well, as public shaming quickly escalated, causing many elderly people and intellectuals to not just be verbally assaulted, but physically. Many Chinese died during this purge. In the US, these modern Red Guards force you to stand before the screaming mob to confess your sins and take the knee as they scream and spit in your face. 

Then they take your job.  

An example of this happened to NFL player Drew Brees. On Blackout Tuesday, another forced event by the radical left to show your wokeness to the Black Lives Matter or else, Drew Brees complied by adding a black square on his Instagram. Not long after he posted this, someone attacked him with the ‘This You?’ meme by reposting a picture of him with President Trump and Melania (who have been painted as racist by the left-leaning, socialist American media). 

He apologized. 

They didn’t care and now this amazing quarterback’s career is now in jeopardy. Why? Because the radical left wants his head on a pike. Drew isn’t the only victim as the movement gets started in the United States as other companies, celebrities, and people fall prey to this political movement. They have gone on to attack other people like American actor Mark Whalberg, Canadian singer Justin Beiber, and even organizations like Disney. Like a plague of locusts, the ‘This You’ meme spreads not caring about the lives it destroys in the wake of social justice wokeness.  

The cultural war in American has officially kicked off in 2020, even though its roots began taking shape under the socialist presidency of Barack Obama. If America is going to stop this from escalating into a decade of destruction as seen in China, we must stop this socialist revolution before it spirals out of control. As Edmund Burke once warned, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Time will tell if the United States is doomed or not, but if we are to survive, its time for Americans to stop kneeling before the hate mob and rally against cancel culture. 


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