An Interview

Happy to see my last article garnered a ton of attention recently, as it should. What is happening in the publishing industry with censorship and discrimination running rampant from lonely agents all the way to the top of the food chain with editors and publishers.

It is these things that are killing the industry, because they are putting their political and social ideologies before what truly drives this business – good stories. It shouldn’t matter the sex or race of the author, only that the book is good.

I have a few articles coming that’s going to focus on these topics more – because we are seeing the death of publishing and of course the outright discrimination of white authors.

In the meantime – I did an interview with Indie Beacon Radio recently, where I talk about my upcoming BOOMSTICK EDITION of my novel THE WRETCHED – which is set for a fall release. I also talk about my other upcoming release, THRESHOLD, which is a YA novel. All that and more is in the interview, which I hope you all check out.


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