Trigger Warnings in Fiction

I will keep this one short, seeing as my last two postings were a bit long and dragged out. So, this post was inspired by a common thread I see in and around online writing communities, where writers ask if they should include a trigger warning for their prose, especially if their work involves violence, rape, and offensive language.

Have you seen this?

Today, we live in this pathetic police state of self-censorship and hypersensitivity – and its fucking pathetic. This modern day PC culture has invaded the world and should be resisted at all costs. See I’m old, I grew up in the 80’s when a stupid Democratic bitch, the wife Al Gore, Tipper Gore, tried to censor the voices of those she deemed deplorable.

Tipper was a Nazi.

She wanted to censor the world against things SHE didn’t like – she started putting warning labels on albums, went to war with heavy metal music, horror movies, comic books, and a ton of other media because SHE was offended. And when artist rallied against her and her fucking ilk of pricks and assholes, they lost. The artistic community, united in the freedom of speech, beat the bitch and sent her ass packing. But now, these idiots rise up like the living dead from their crypts.

Its pathetic.

And worse.

These days you have these fascist pigs called SJW’s, who want to force their twisted ideologies on the world, and when people fight back they get called misogynist, racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and ton of other things. A strategy straight out of the Marxist playbook mind you – which makes this type of assault all that more terrifying and unnerving.

These pussies, these weak minded jackasses need safe spaces, censor debates and conversations, throw milkshakes on people, and use violence and intimidation against those who refuse to bend the knee to their bullshit philosophies. And I’m one of those proud people that will stand up and fight against the onslaught of censorship.

And so should you.

Trigger warnings before a story? Are you fucking serious? Why? If a person reads my book and gets triggered by it, GOOD! It means I did my job as a writer to strike emotion and a reaction from my reader. And if they can’t take it, don’t buy my work. Don’t recommend my work to your pussy fucking friends, because I don’t want them reading it either. Or God forbid, leave a bad rating for it on Amazon. I don’t care.

Artist should be the ones fighting back against this tide, because if we don’t – nobody will. Art is meant to inspire, stimulate, and challenge. I will never let anyone tell me what I can and can’t say, what I can and can’t write. You tell me not do something, guess what, I’m going to do it just to spite you.

Every creative mind out there, no matter what you your medium is, should be against this. You think when I grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s people had safe spaces? We got cuts, both physical and mental, and you know what that did to us – made us fucking stronger. After Trump won the election, we had idiots screaming at the sky! When Bush won, a douche back I hated, you know what I did? I voted against him and continued to live my damn life.

Today’s people, these pathetic parasites, are weak of both mind and soul. I implore all you writers, artist, musicians, film makers – to look at these people and tell them proudly, FUCK OFF.

Write want you.

Don’t let anyone hold you back creatively. Nobody.


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