My First Panel

This past weekend I had the honor of attending Wordfest 2019 as a guest panelist. This was my first time, as a writer, to speak at an event.

And it was awesome.

I’ll admit, the first panel I sat on, I was nervous. Super nervous. Next to me was a Nebula Award winner and a writer I really respect and love (she’s a great speaker) Amanda Arista. I was honored to be among them and love spending our measly 45 minutes together.

In front of us was a packed house of about 50 writers, who dream of publishing their little babies some day, and were looking to us to help as if we were their personal literary messiahs.

But once the questions got rolling and everyone settled in, the first 45 minutes went by at Warp Factor 5. Before I knew it, it was over. I think the best advice I gave the people in attendance, my inspirational truth nugget:

“If you want to be a writer – write! Stop wasting time and giving yourself excuses to avoid it and get to fucking work.”

I didn’t say fuck – but I wanted to.

Beyond a doubt, if you want to be a success, you need invest time and effort on your craft by doing the following things:

1.) Write (set a reasonable goal and achieve it everyday – mine is at least 500 words)

2.) Read (if you’re not reading, then your not growing as writer.)

3.) Join a Writers Group (join a group that you feel comfortable in – one that has both published and unpublished authors, who give great advice.)

4.) Write more (duh)

5.) Go to Writer’s Conferences (network, network, network)

I had a second panel the same day, later in the morning. This one was a lot of fun, because I got talk about the rude awakening that was my first writer’s class in college (a tale I’ll weave for ya’ll on another dark and stormy night).

All in all it was fantastic and I loved every minute of the event. I met some great people, and a few strange. I learned a lot about the craft of writing and hung out with some amazing authors. I also got a few offers to go to some other writing events, which I am very interested in pursuing a bit later, so yeah, it was a great weekend.

Coming up, I will be telling you the tales of my college days as well as some groovy background insight into my novel THE WRETCHED, so please look forward to that. My goal is to write a new blog entry every 2 to 3 days pending on workload and inspiration.

Thanks for reading!


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